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  The BLSpeech Plug-in for HomeSeer acts as a speak proxy and allows the user to control speech in HomeSeer. This plugin is written in VB .Net 2.0 and requires Homeseer Version 2.1.0 or later.

  • User can enable or disable Speech Proxy
  • User can specify multiple special processing tags which will be interpreted by the plugin. See the help for details on the tags.
  • Proxy mode allows the user to specify NORMAL mode when they are at home or AWAY mode when they are away from the house. In AWAY mode, all speech is queued (depending on the special processing tags)
  • User can specify the priority of a message using the special processing tags. See the help for details.
  • Any underlined field contains tooltip help.
  • User can setup an unlimited number of speakers and speaker zones which can be triggered using the special processing tags.
  • User can setup an unlimited number of sound files which can be triggered by using the special processing tags.
  • Phrase Rules can be setup to allow the user to perform an action on any message that contains a certain phrase.
  • User can view the current high priority and normal priority queues.
  • User can specify whether to log all speech activity to a log file and view and clear the log. The number of days to keep the logs can also be specified.
  • User can mute/unmute the speech in HomeSeer.
  • User can choose to show the last X number of speech messages in a device code of their choice.
  • User can setup words in the plug-in dictionary that will allows substitution in their speech messages.
  • HomeSeer event triggers, actions and conditions can be used in the plug-in.
  • The AB8SS device can be used with the plug-in as long as you have the WAF-ABS8SS plug-in installed as well.

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  BLSpeech Web Interface     BLSpeech Options     BLSpeech Maintain Speakers    
  BLSpeech Maintain Speaker Zones     BLSpeech Maintain Sounds     BLSpeech Maintain Phrase Rules    
  BLSpeech Maintain Dictionary    


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