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  The BLMusic Plug-in for HomeSeer will allow the user to play music stored in folders. This plugin is written in VB .Net 2.0 and requires HomeSeer Version 2.1.0 or later.

  • Browse music stored in a directory structure.
  • Create custom playlist from directory-based stored music.
  • Touchscreen enabled with a quick and easy web interface.
  • Allows user to specify starting volume level for the player.
  • Allows the user to specify the action to take when HomeSeer is speaking
    • No Action
    • Pause
    • Pause then Ramp Back Up
    • Mute
    • Preset Volume then Ramp Back Up
  • Users can setup HomeSeer events and use BLMusic actions to control the player.
  • Users can setup HomeSeer events that trigger on BLMusic triggers (eg: Playback Started, Playback Stopped, etc)
  • Allows user to toggle shuffle play.
  • Allows user to send current media information to all BLBroadcast Plug-In clients (NOTE: BLBroadcast Plug-in must be installed)
  • User can setup the maximum number of minutes that the player can be paused before the player is stopped.
  • Dim volume control processing enabled for use with stick-a-switches and palm pads.
  • Cover art can be shown for songs but must be formated as an image file according to the rules of the plug-in

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